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"An arrest is not a conviction."

How Do You Get a Pardon in South Carolina?

If a person is convicted of a crime in South Carolina state court, then the pardon cannot come from the President. In many states, a pardon is granted by that state’s governor, though in South Carolina pardons are granted by the seven-member Board of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services. To secure a pardon, two-thirds of…

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A Detailed Look at Trump’s Presidential Pardons

During his four years as president, Donald Trump has granted clemency to approximately 100 individuals, with a flurry of pardons going out at the end of the year as his presidency wraps up. A few days before Christmas, President Trump pardoned or commuted the sentences of over 40 people, and is assumed to grant between…

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Understanding the Parole System in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services was created in 1941. The goal of the department is to help protect the community while also helping offenders of criminal offenses move forward with their lives. The mission of the department is: “To prepare offenders under our supervision toward becoming productive members of the…

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Gun Ranges Are Legally Protected in South Carolina

Ten people have filed a lawsuit in Lexington County state court against the owners of the Pantaeo Sportsman’s Club. The club is a 76-acre outdoor collection of shooting ranges for guns of all sizes and types. The lawsuit alleges “rogue bullets” are flying into the plaintiff’s personal properties like a “warzone.” The plaintiffs are asking…

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Know Your Rights When Stopped By Police

Just about everyone has experienced that sinking feeling when they see those familiar blue lights in their rearview mirror and hear the siren signaling them to pull over. Whether you’ve gone a little over the speed limit, or have no idea why law enforcement is stopping you, you’re likely feeling stress and anxiety. It’s crucial…

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Are Eyewitness Accounts Reliable?

We’ve all seen that dramatic scene in our favorite television show or movie when a key eyewitness stands up in court and names the guilty party, and everything is wrapped up nicely as the end credits begin to roll. However, the truth is, it rarely works like that in real life, and often someone’s memory…

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