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Client Testimonials

"Sometimes good people can fall into bad situations. I, being one of these people, consider myself lucky for the help I received from this office. From the moment I met Randy I knew he was good at what he does and what his office does is give people a second chance. The man is an artist in his legal profession. He went over all options for my situation and ran with every single one of them until a path was made to get my life back to normal. Overseeing every step of the way. Also very special shout out to Kayla in his office who is the muscles of the operation. She is a guardian angel who was there at a moments notice when needed and truly made me feel like family. Both of these wonderful people never once judged me or questioned the type of person I am. I can’t thank them enough for helping me get my life back in order."

Josh King

"I highly recommend The Law Offices of Randy Hough. I had some charges listed wrong on my record and within a matter of days they had the issue taken care of!!! Very nice to deal with and they don’t break the bank!!!"


"If the time comes to put your trust in someone, Randy Hough and his staff will not let you down. Mr Hough and his staff worked tirelessly on my case and in the end all was taken care of. I'm glad to breathe a sigh of relief and have this behind me. Thank you to Randy and his staff, Excellent work!"

Charles C.

"It's never a good thing when a family has to hire a criminal law attorney. However, I have to say that if that is necessary, Randy Hough, Esquire, and his office staff are the very best. Not only does Randy know the law and procedure, as most attorneys would, but he also has an instinct for timing - when to push a case through and when to hold back and let time pass, so that the case gets "old and cold," and ripe to settle. This is the "art" of practicing law. Additionally, Randy has been around the South Carolina legal system for a long time, and he has connections. If he needs information, or needs to informally check out a possible resolution, he knows who to contact without jeopardizing the case. With his professional, easy manner, Randy also has the ability to calm down agitated clients and give them perspective on their situation. Finally, his office staff, especially Kayla, ALWAYS returns phone calls and provides a clear line of communication between the client and Randy, so that he can be in court working your case, while giving you peace of mind."


"Randy and his staff were on top of everything on day one. Excellent communication, professional, and courteous. Second time using his firm. I highly recommend Randy . You will not be disappointed with any aspect of your experience with him or his professional team."


"Great lawyer! When you need the best and nothing else will do get Mr. Hough!"


"If you need a lawyer in Columbia (go here) Professional staff and lawyer. Great grasp of the law. Smooth process . I was impressed."


"Straight shooter, knowledgeable. The admin there are spot on"