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Columbia SC Criminal Defense Attorneys

Columbia Criminal Defense Lawyers

Local representation for criminal charges in Columbia, South Carolina

We understand how intimidating it can be to face the criminal justice system. Even what seems like a minor crime carries serious penalties that can range from loss of your driver’s license to jail time, losing professional license and loss of your constitutional rights. If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, every decision you make afterward can have a drastic effect on your life and your freedom.

You need a strong and aggressive advocate to guide you through the legal process, working to develop the best defense possible to secure the most favorable outcome possible. With more than 25 years of experience, A. Randolph Hough knows how to design a custom defense strategy because of his firsthand knowledge of working within the criminal justice system. Attorney Hough’s convenient location, just a few blocks from the Columbia Municipal Court, which is right around the corner from the Richland County Courthouse. We also have an office only minutes from downtown Charleston, to better serve clients in the Lowcountry.

When you retain our services, we get to know you as more than a client. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer who gets to know you and your goals – and works to achieve the strongest and most successful defense possible. Contact The Law Offices of A. Randolph Hough, P.A. today for help through this difficult period.

“Remember, an arrest is not a conviction.”    -    Attorney Hough


Cases we handle

A criminal defense case requires careful and thorough preparation. Without smart and agile representation, you may face serious punishment that could not only result in loss of your freedom, but also your constitutional rights like the right to own a firearm. A criminal record can also affect your ability to secure employment, housing, or government loans.

Attorney Hough provides knowledgeable legal advocacy in a wide variety of criminal charges in the Columbia and Charleston areas, including:

Federal charges

Federal crimes mean your case will be tried in federal, rather than state, court. Attorney Hough’s previous experience as a prosecutor gives his clients an invaluable edge in the courtroom. Federal charges can include drug charges, white-collar crimes, fraud, or embezzlement.

Pardons and expungements

It’s important to understand the difference between a pardon and an expungement. An expungement completely erases your criminal conviction or arrest. However, not all convictions are subject to expungement. In those cases, individuals may seek a pardon instead. A pardon doesn’t erase your record, but it does restore your constitutional rights.


Arrests and charges related to homicide are typically either murder or manslaughter. These are serious and complex charges and require the help of an experienced defense attorney. Randy Hough has both prosecuted and defended murder cases. Consequences of a conviction can include life in prison and more. Whether you’re facing state or federal charges, Attorney Hough can help.

Weapons charges

If you’re charged or arrested for use of a weapon, you may face significant criminal charges – as well as the right to ever possess a weapon again. Our firm handles a wide variety of weapons charges, including firearm possession, firearm and weapons violations, arms trafficking, and possession of a weapon by a felon. We help you understand the complex federal and South Carolina gun laws.

Theft crimes

Theft is a term used to describe a number of crimes, including shoplifting, burglary, and robbery. Depending on the circumstances, a theft crime can be non-violent or violent, which can also affect the penalty. Even a misdemeanor charge can have a big effect on your future. However, often Randy Hough is able to have charges minimized to misdemeanors or even have charges dismissed altogether.

Domestic violence

If convicted of domestic violence charges in Columbia or Charleston, you may face jail time, probation, and lose the right to possess firearms – as well as affecting your right to custody of, and visitation with, your children. After more than 25 years defending the accused, you know how to fight for a fair and reasonable outcome.

Drug crimes

Attorney Hough has special experience defending drug charges. As a former prosecutor and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney assigned to federal drug cases, he has the valuable ability to see state and federal drug charges from all angles. Whether you’ve been charged with possession, distribution, manufacturing, or trafficking, we can provide skilled defense to protect your rights and your freedom.

White-collar crimes

Many types of state and federal charges fall under the umbrella of white-collar crime. These charges are typically non-violent and financially motivated in nature and involve things like tax evasion, embezzlement, or bank fraud. Attorney Hough provides smart defense, working to minimize charges and potential penalties.

Sex crimes

Even the mere accusation of a sex crime can negatively affect your life. An arrest or charge means you need a defense attorney immediately. Most sex crimes are felony offenses, including rape and criminal sexual conduct. Sex crimes can also include prostitution or indecent exposure. A conviction can result in jail time, loss of rights, and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender. Randy Hough will work to minimize or dismiss your charges at all costs.

The Law Offices of A. Randolph Hough, P.A. also aggressively defends clients against other criminal charges, including assault, arson, kidnapping, and charges against college students. We also handle drunk driving defense.

Local Columbia & Charleston court and jail information

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime – or believe you’re being investigated for one – you should know the contact information for all the important and relevant offices and courts within our local justice system. We’ve listed some of them here for your convenience.

By getting as early a start on your defense as possible, we can put our decades of experience to work for you. We know it takes more than just hiring a criminal defense lawyer who knows the law. We also know how to defend your rights through vigorous negotiation and skilled advocacy in court.

Effective criminal defense in Columbia, Charleston, and surrounding areas

We know that a criminal arrest and charges can be serious and worrisome. However, it’s important to remember that an accusation doesn’t mean you’re guilty. At The Law Offices of A. Randolph Hough, P.A., we fight to protect your freedom and your rights throughout the entire criminal justice process. Our commitment is to winning. To schedule a free consultation at one of our offices in Columbia or Charleston, please call 803-771-4119 or fill out our contact form.