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The consequences of a criminal conviction can haunt you for a long time — even after you have served your sentence. Many serious crimes have a lasting impact on your rights. You may lose your driving privileges, your gun rights and other civil liberties. Starting with a clean slate can be challenging when you face the practical realities of these limitations.

Applying for a pardon is one way to loosen the hold of a conviction. Even if you don't qualify for expungement, you might still be able to pursue a pardon. Anyone may be a candidate for a pardon if they have fulfilled their sentence.

Under current South Carolina law, a pardon doesn't erase your criminal record, but it does forgive the legal consequences of the crime. It excuses you from both the criminal penalties and collateral consequences of your conviction. For example, a pardon may restore your:

  • Right to own and carry firearms
  • Right to vote
  • Right to serve on a jury
  • Right to hold public office
  • Ability to pursue a professional license

A pardon may also improve your job prospects and make it easier to regain your driving privileges. However, for those convicted of sex offenses, it will not lift the requirements of sex offender registration.

Navigating The Pardon Process And Maximizing Your Chances Of Success

Requesting a pardon can be a lengthy process. The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services handles these requests. In addition to filing an application, to make your case more compelling, you may appear before the Pardon Board to argue your position.

At The Law Office of A. Randolph Hough, P.A. in Columbia, we routinely help people through the process of pursuing a pardon. Our attorney helps clients prepare a strong initial application, and he personally appears before the Pardon Board to give clients the best footing possible. Randy's decades of experience — and respected reputation in the local legal community — can work to your advantage.

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