Protecting Your Driver's License After A DUI Arrest

An arrest for DUI triggers a chain of consequences, some of which take effect immediately. DUIs in South Carolina essentially involve two levels of legal proceedings: the criminal charge involving your liberties and the administrative process involving your driving privileges.

Many people don't realize how significantly a DUI arrest impacts their driving privileges. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .15 or greater, you will face an automatic license suspension for 30 days — even if this was your first offense. Likewise, if you refused to submit to a breath test, your license will be automatically suspended for at least six months.

Challenging The Suspension

You have the right to challenge the automatic suspension by requesting a hearing within 30 days after your arrest. You may even receive temporary driving privileges pending the outcome of the hearing. Given this tight deadline, it's important to act quickly in pursuing next steps.

Contact The Law Office of A. Randolph Hough, P.A. in Columbia for guidance on protecting your driver's license. We handle all aspects of DUI cases, including administrative proceedings before the South Carolina OMVH. Our defense attorney can help you identify grounds for fighting the suspension such as:

  • Law enforcement's failure to inform you of your rights
  • Lack of a proper legal justification for the traffic stop
  • Absence of probable cause for the arrest

We can also help you pursue options for obtaining a restricted license if the suspension is upheld.

Finding The Strongest Grounds For Winning

Lawyer A. Randolph "Randy" Hough, a former prosecutor with over 25 years of experience, has handled 1,000-plus DUI cases. He excels at finding the right angles for presenting a compelling case. He approaches every case with the determination it takes to win.

Don't wait until it's too late to challenge the suspension. You have nothing to lose by calling our office at 803-386-0189 or sending us an email to request a free initial consultation. We offer evening and weekend availability.