Lost Your License Due To Breath Test Refusal? Contact Columbia Attorney Randy Hough.

Drivers in South Carolina have the right to refuse a breath test when pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Few people realize they have this important right. Why help the police by giving them the evidence they seek to use against you?

In a nonfelony DUI case, you are not required to voluntarily give law enforcement the breath test (formerly known as Breathalyzer test) evidence the state will use to convict you.

However, breath test refusal does come with consequences. You could still be charged with DUI based on evidence besides the breath test. You will also face an automatic license suspension for at least six months. For most people, such a lengthy loss of driving privileges is a significant hardship.

Fortunately, if you act quickly, you can challenge the suspension. You may be able to reinstate your driving privileges or receive a restricted driver's license that gives you the ability to get to work or school.

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